Necessary Checklist

Press Ready artwork development can be confusing especially once it is your first time. Please use following guidelines before uploading your artwork, to avoid unnecessary it may help you save valued time and avoid any needless printing postponements.

Before submitting your artwork, please check that:

  • Your artwork uses correct size and is not stretch or squeezed
  • Avoid up’s or spreads
  • Use correct internal and external bleed
  • Use CMYK or PMS Colours while preparation
  • Folded jobs artwork must be provided in flat sizes
  • Dark black must use  C =100%, M = 100%, Y = 100%, K = 100%
  • All black must use black C =20%, M = 20%, Y = 20%, K = 100%
  • All fonts must be outline to curve or embedded
  • All links must be embedded.
  • Ink coverage does not exceed 300% (240% for un-coated stocks)
  • All lines in your artwork are at least 0.3pt and all text should be at least 8pt using a non-narrow, non-ultra light or non-thin style font.
  • All borders in your artwork are at least 5mm wide.
  • All images in your artwork are 300dpi when placed at 100%.
  • Your artwork is the correct size and contains trim marks

IMPORTANT: You need to carefully follow these directions when making your artwork. Failure to do so may result in artwork incorrectly prepared for print.Artwork Do’s & Don’ts

Safe Area: All important parts of the design must be at-least 2mm inside from the final cutting line. To avoid important content trimming

Trim / Cutting Line: Indicating final cutting / size of the product.

Bleed: Generally 3mm bleed is required for all products artwork. Bleed extend through the cutting line to ensure no un-printed or white area shows in final products, Specially once dealing with backgrounds.


Good Artwork Vs Bad Artwork

good vs bad
Internal bleed: Make sure all your text and logos are within the internal bleed margin; else they may be trimmed off External bleed: Make sure all backgrounds/elements that encounter the trim edge extend to the edge of the external bleed line so you won’t have any white edges.Artwork Size: Make sure your design is the right size or it may be automatically re-sized which may alter your artwork.Border width: Make sure all borders are at least 5mm from the trim edge to avoid any irregular borders. (50mm for outdoor and pull-up banners).Image Resolution: Make sure all images and text are 300dpi when placed at 100% so they won’t look blurry or pixillerated when printed.

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